We are Imperium Interactive, a newly formed indie game development studio with a focus on player interaction and emergent gameplay in video games. This is reflected in our current project, Eden, a planet simulation game that explores the concepts of creation and becoming a god.

The Team

The people who run this company



Project Lead & Founder

The founder of Imperium Interactive and the current Project Lead for Eden and Empire.



Lead Game Developer

Dan is the one-man team of Firedream Labs, our development partner for Eden.



Game Consultant

A game consultant for Eden.

Our Games

The games we are currently working on at Imperium Interactive.


Eden is a game where you take on the role of god. Using state-of-the-art procedural generation technology, Eden creates a sector of space that you can truly call your own. Through emergent gameplay and advanced artificial intelligence systems, Eden explores the relationship between the creator and its creations.


Empire is an early development text-based MMORPG with a focus on encouraging complex player interaction. The core of the game revolves around player-created groups, and the inevitable alliances and rivalries that are formed on the path of expanding your empire and acquiring wealth. Through emergent gameplay design and unscripted player-driven competition, we want our players to experience epic stories of betrayal, warfare, politics, and things that we at Imperium Interactive can not even begin to imagine. The game is set in an amalgamation of medieval Europe and Japan, and features variable procedural terrain across the entirety of the map.

In the beginning...

In-game screenshots from Eden Alpha v0.03

...God created the heaven and the earth

Using state-of-the-art procedural generation technology, Eden creates unique worlds for you to call your own.

Eden's procedural generation systems use quasi-random neuronal noise to generate truly unique content in the game, including custom dynamic weather systems, genetic algorithms, plant growth and fire propagation models, and various other systems that allow Eden to bring your world to life.

...Then God said, “Let us make mankind"

Imagine being able to sculpt life into existence.
Imagine being able to shepherd your creation from primitive life to civilisations that span the globe.
With Eden's artificial intelligence you can watch as your creations come to life in stunning realism.

"You are free to eat from any tree in the garden; but you must not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, for when you eat from it you will certainly die."

One of the core ideas in Eden is the exploration of the relationship between a god and its creation.
While you can sculpt life into existence, hold lightning in the palm of your hands and lift mountains from the ground, the one thing that you can't control is human nature. Your creations like all life have flaws. They can be greedy, they can wage war against each other, if bad things happen to them they can even begin to reject you as their god. As an exploration of human nature and the god-creation relationship, Eden attempts to present to you the concept of being the god of a world that is inherently flawed.

In Eden we are not trying to dictate to you our opinions on the subject, instead we are providing you with the tools that will allow you to come to your own conclusions. In the game you can act with benevolence, malevolence and even indifference. How you choose to interact with your creations is entirely up to you to decide. Through Eden we allow you to explore what it means to be a god by showing you how your actions or inaction can have a major impact on your world and its inhabitants.

We are partnering with W/ARE... with your help

As some of you may know by now, Imperium Interactive has been shortlisted as an eligible candidate for W/ARE's first generation of premium partners!

W/ARE's state-of-the-art lucid dreaming induction headset will revolutionise our current line-up of games in development. Our first game to be ported to the platform will be Eden, our alpha-stage planet simulation game.

The W/ARE headset will allow us to:

  • Use the computational processing power of the human brain to produce stunningly realistic and immersive simulations. This includes textures, sounds, smells and tastes never before seen in the history of gaming.

  • Create amazing multiplayer gaming experiences! W/ARE's peer-to-peer dreamscape processing assistance will allow you to bring your friends in on the fun. The real pièce de résistance of the application of this technology is with our MMORPG, Empire. This would allow you to play with hundreds, if not thousands of players concurrently in a smooth and clear experience for all users.

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