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RE:COM (Standard Developer License)

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RE:COM (Ricochet Engine: Combat Operations Module)

Elevate your game with RE:COM, the most realistic and graphically stunning combat engine


  • In-depth Dynamic Attachment System
  • Keyframe Animation Support For Weapons
  • Realistic, Physicalized Bullets
  • In-depth Velocity Module Based on Muzzle Size, Atmospheric Pressure, Air resistance, Bullet Weight, Temperature, Humidity and Altitude
  • Perfect For Group Games Of Any Size
  • Roblox Group Integration To Make Role Playing Super Easy
  • Stable up to 120+ Players On A Massive and Highly Detailed Map
  • Realistic gun attachment animations, including turning on/off flashlights, lasers, and switching between IR and regular modes
  • Round-dependent sounds and muzzle/barrel length-dependent sounds for improved audio realism
  • Highly Optimized
  • Ping System
  • Breathing and Panic System
  • Built In Anti-Cheat
  • Advanced and Realistic Optics
  • High Quality Assets And Textures
  • High Quality Weapon Models And Textures
  • 20+ Game Ready Weapons
  • User Friendly Weapon Creation
  • Lasers, Reticles, Flashlights
  • Viewmodel Collision (Like Escape From Tarkov)
  • 50 + Attachments
  • Bullet Calibre System
  • In-Depth Weapon Configuration To Make Every Weapon Different


  • Medical system with two settings: Basic and Simulator for varying levels of realism.
  • Organ damaging and ballistic reactions to add depth to the combat system
  • A grip system with different gun stances to provide players with more control over their weapons

You will get a RBXM (10MB) file

Customer Reviews


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2 months ago

yo w product

i liked this product since its so real to what the videos show


5 months ago

from what i saw it's amazing

i only saw the videos but it's everything i needed to see 5/5