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RE:COM V2.0.0 Patch Notes
This update is a significant advancement for RE:COM, addressing server issues and implementing substantial engine optimizations. These improvements allow for more ambitious features, including the new attachment system V3. Under the hood, extensive c...
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RE:COM V1.2.0 Patch Notes
RE:COM V1.2.0 ReleaseChangelog for RE:COM V1.2.0FeaturesAttachment System Rework: Completely rewritten for improved functionality.Tactical Reloading: Introducing a new reloading strategy for tactical gameplay.Major UI Update: A significant overhaul t...
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RE:COM V1.1.0 Patch Notes
RE:COM V1.1.0 ReleaseFirst Release of 2024First update of the year, we have a lot of exciting features and things planned for RE:COM this year. This update is just the start of it.Changelog for RE:COM V1.1.0New Features:Ping SystemBreathing and Panic...
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